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Freyja exists for locals and visitors alike to celebrate the beautiful town of Campbell River - a special place amongst the ocean and mountains - whilst putting it on the map as a future foodie destination. 


Seeking an English-speaking country where our children could thrive is where the story of our burgeoning business begins. We jumped through many hoops to make it here. And a croissant shop was not originally on the cards. 


Marketing professionals from Hungary, you may wonder how we - owners Emese and Geza - ended up opening a croissant shop halfway across the globe. With our eyes on Canada, and after struggling to secure corporate jobs in Toronto or Vancouver without a work visa, the BC Provincial Nominee Program’s Regional Pilot caught our eye. 


Campbell River was the only city in a sea of recruitment for mining, transportation, and lodging that was interested in restaurants and food manufacturing. We were big time foodies in Europe, but neither of us were in hospitality. We contacted the owner of Freyja in Budapest - a favourite of ours for their quality and taste - and organized a deal to let us open in Canada under the same name and branding, and with the same base recipe. But this isn’t a franchise. 


In 2019, we dove into everything from 9000km away. The pandemic changed all our plans, but come spring of 2021 easing restrictions brought new life to our big idea. On September 7, 2021 we packed up our life, our two new babies, and set off across the globe. Our exploratory visit of Campbell River led to us falling in love with its kind, patient, and friendly locals. The view North from Dogwood Street — town, ocean, and mountains, sealed our decision. 


In March 2022, after our work permits and temporary residencies processed, we dove into a whirlwind three months — unbelievably managing to open Freyja on July 1. Our journey has been challenging — moving from one continent to another, starting a new business, all with two babies in tow — but it has also been filled with generosity, settling slowly into a new country, and meeting so many people. 


Freyja started as a way for us to enter Canada, but it has become something we are now building our lives around. It is also a way to say thank you to all the people who have welcomed us; a gathering spot with exceptional pastries for our community to enjoy. And an opportunity to put our town on the map as a culinary hotspot. We hope you can visit to enjoy a special experience rooted in quality, tradition, and delicious flavours.

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