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Croissant bakery & coffee shop

Campbell River

Freyja [fray·uh]

Freyja, (Old Norse: “Lady”), most renowned of the Norse goddesses, was the sister and female counterpart of Freyr. She was the goddess of love, fertility, battle, and death.

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Freyja - The croissant story

Locally owned Scandinavian-style croissant bakery & coffee shop.


Freyja aspires to become an everyday location for the local community for coffee and outstanding viennoiserie pastry, as well as a culinary destination for people visiting Vancouver Island. 

Our recipe is based on Danish traditions that showcase Scandinavian minimalism and perfectionism. Our butter croissants have 27 layers, all of which are visible after baking, along with the incredible golden brown, flaky exterior and soft, fluffy interior that we all love so much.

Freyja croissants come in many shapes with various flavours and fillings: chocolate-based ganaches, seasonally changing fruits, salty creams and many more tasty variations.

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Our Products

We have some permanent items on the menu but we also have seasonal or even daily specials to choose from. These are some of the items regularly available in our bakery and coffee shop.


Pain au chocolat

Made with the Guanaja dark chocolate (70% cacao) from Valrhona, this classic pastry has a nice balance of buttery and bitter flavours.

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Butter croissant

Our laminated (flaky, folded) dough is based on a Scandinavian recipe — hence the name Freyja. We use natural sourdough (containing only water and flour) and only ingredients that are available in most households.

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Raspberry jam croissant

Our butter croissant filled with home-made raspberry jam, dipped into Valrhona's Raspberry Inspiration chocolate and sprinkled with freeze dried crunchy raspberry pieces. 

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Raspberry croissant

Incredibly rich in flavour, our raspberry croissant is filled with a raspberry ganache made from pure raspberry purée and Valrhona’s Raspberry Inspiration chocolate. Fresh raspberries give this croissant the final touch.

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Lemon curd and meringue

This tart yet smooth and creamy filling is based on fresh lemon juice and zest. We make fresh Italian meringue every day to top this croissant with it and decorate it with candied lemon peel and rose petals. 

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Pistachio croissant

A double-baked croissant. The filling is made with white chocolate and 100% Sicilian pistachio paste, lots of roasted pistachios and a little salt. We also use roasted pistachio to decorate it.

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Cardamom and pomegranate roulé

Filled with a mixture of cardamom, cinnamon and sugar. Pomegranate syrup and fresh pomegranate seeds give a sour touch to balance the sweetness of the filling.

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Vanilla croissant

Our signature vanilla croissant is filled with a vanilla cream made from Norohy vanilla from Madagscar. Norohy is proudly an ethical sourcing company and one of the most revered vanilla bean pastes in the industry. We add a white chocolate-based chantilly to the top of the croissant.

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Strawberry jam and white chocolate mousse with basil

Our cruffin filled with home-made strawberry jam, a very fluffy and smooth white chocolate mousse with a hint of basil in it. 

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Almond croissant

A double-baked croissant with a classic frangipane cream inside it. On top, roasted almonds and a hint of sugar creates the perfect level of sweetness.

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Cocoa snail

Crispy pastry with loads of chocolate. This all time favourite is filled with extra brut cocoa powder, dipped in a single origin milk chocolate from the Dominican Republic and sprinkled with grue de cocoa. 

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Spinach and cream cheese roulé

Baby spinach, cream cheese and garlic make this item a favourite for everyone seeking something savoury rather than sweet. We add some pecorino cheese on top to complete the taste.

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Prosciutto and cheese croissant

We roll our signature 27 layers with prosciutto cotto (dry cured ham) and gouda cheese and bake it until it gets flaky and crispy on the outside and tender inside. A sprinkle of black sesame seeds finishes this tasty savoury croissant.

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Salted caramel cruffin

Our croissant dough baked in a muffin mould and rolled in sugar at the end. We make our own salted caramel to fill the inside of this crispy goodie, then add whipped caramel ganache both inside and to decorate the top.

Strawberry croissant

Our strawberry croissant is made with Valrhona's Strawberry Inspiration chocolate. We add fresh strawberries to make the ganache the croissant is filled with, then make it even more fruity with slices of strawberry inside and out. Tastes like summer!

Pumpkin spice latte danish

We make our own pumpkin spice mix, bake this traditional shaped danish with a pumpkin purée, than finish it with a coffee chantilly based on our espresso from French Press Coffee Roasters. This seasonal item is our version of PSL.  


Caramel chocolate & blueberry jam

Caramelia chocolate from Valrhona is soft, rich and voluptuous with a luscious milky flavor and the compelling taste of salted butter caramel. We add our own blueberry jam to it that we prepare from fresh blueberries.

Opening Hours

Come visit us in downtown Campbell River on Vancouver Island!

Monday - Sunday: 7:00 am - 5:00 pm

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Contact Us

We’d love to hear from you! 

For wholesale related inquires please contact us at

Visit us for coffee and croissants at:

1080 Shoppers Row, Campbell River, V9H 2C6, British Columbia

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