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Be the baker

Join Freyja - The Croissant Story for a mouthwatering croissant workshop. Learn the skills behind your favourite pastry.


This workshop will let you in on all the secrets behind Freyja's amazing viennoiserie pastries! You'll get to spend a day in our commercial bakery, learn everything about croissants and leave with a box of croissants that you made! The class is instructed by one of the owners of Freyja and one of our very talented team members!


In this workshop you will learn:

  • How to make the base dough

  • How to laminate and layer butter into the dough

  • How to roll out laminated dough

  • How to cut and roll croissants

  • How to prepare fillings and chocolate ganache

  • How to bake the croissants

  • The science behind fermented and proofed pastry


What is included in the workshop:

  • All the ingredients and equipment to learn everything about croissants

  • Coffee and tea throughout the day and a light lunch snack

  • 12 baked and prepared croissants for you to take home

Please note there is a lot of rolling and layering of the dough in this class. We recommend that you have some experience in baking at home and a good understanding of baking procedures. The teachesr will ensure that you work at a pace suitable for you and will be there to help you with every step of the process.




7:00 Meet and greet

7:15 Mixing the base dough - what ingredients are used in Freyja's dough and what is the science behind it?

8:30 Preparation of the butter sheets

9:30 Lamination - how to incorporate the prepared butter sheets in the dough and how to fold it to get 27 layers

10:30 Rolling the laminated doughs, cutting and rolling of the croissants

12:00 Ganache and filling preparation - how to make the amazing fillings and chocolate ganache's of Freyja

13:00 Light lunch

14:00 Baking the croissants

14:40 Filling and finishing the croisants

16:00 End of workshop

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