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Meet the team
behind the counter and the croissants

" kindness, growth, and an authentic environment of teamwork"

Here at Freyja, we prioritize finding passionate people who are eager to learn new skills and dedicated to that journey. Most of the people we hire in fact were not already bakers or baristas. Instead, we believe in investing in people and fostering their learning in genuine and warm customer service for our community and excellent food products. 


Across our team, we believe everyone is equal: tips are shared equally from the bakers to the baristas (we exclude ourselves, the owners).  


We foster an environment we want people to look forward to turning up to each day — rooted in kindness, growth, and an authentic environment of teamwork. 

Apply Today

We're always happy to hear from and about people who'd like to join us in our journey! If that's you, please send us your resume along with a cover letter to!

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